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AERIUM’s forestry clients have been realizing the power of UAV-acquired data for several years now. Whether performing volumetric assessments of their stockpiles, or capturing orthophotos of both forest and millsite, AERIUM helps our clients realize their potential with high resolution, timely information.


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The use of UAV’s allows AERIUM’s Forestry Clients to inspect critical infrastructure, conduct inventory surveys and capture invaluable information with respects to active operations without the need for costly shutdowns. Operating safely overhead in a fraction of the time required for ground-based audits, our pilots can capture high-resolution imagery and videography, provide 3D models and deliver data imperative to your company’s main business processes.


Gaining access to remote operations and providing “just-in-time” data, necessary to support field activities is invaluable to Forestry Operations.  Whether its operational inventory analysis for block and road design, as-built block surveys, detecting lost drags, confirming decked wood inventory or establishment \ regenerations surveys, UAVs provide a safe and efficient alternative to boots on the ground. 

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