Our Solutions

We are Canada’s provider of UAV solutions and services for businesses like yours. From wildlife management to data analytics, learn how AERIUM can help you achieve your goals. 

Wildlife Management

With over 900 RoBird and Meadowbird flights on the property of international airports, AERIUM has shown proven results in our ability to reduce populations of resident birds, particularly problem species such as gulls and ducks.

Data Collection

Data Collection in the energy industry can take any number of forms. Whether it be orthophoto or LiDAR data collection over an oil sands mine, or high-speed photos of a wind turbine in motion – AERIUM has the equipment, crew and expertise to make sure that whatever your needs, they are met!

Data Analysis

AERIUM’s Data Analytics team is well equipped to analyse and interpret energy project data. Even in novel situations, our team will take the time to understand your assets and determine the best way to observe them. Sometimes that means using thermal data to check a solar farm for poorly performing panels, and sometimes it means stacking RGB and NIR data to really tease out subtle details.

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