AERIUM can help your business stay within compliance for your field-based regulations. We utilize our knowledge and expertise along with accurate data collection to identify areas of concern well before they can impact your business.



In the airport industry, AERIUM utilizes RPAS to conduct OLS and OCS inspections to identify objects that may be unsafe to aircraft. We also utilize high resolution imagery and LiDAR to ensure all airport surfaces are in compliance (marking inspections) and safe from cracking and degradation.

In energy, AERIUM utilizes its fleet and sensors to aid in the safety and inspection of exploration projects as well as plant and mine operations.

In forestry, AERIUM ensures that log deck volumetrics are accurate and detailed and assist in inventory management for auditing and reporting purposes.

Imagery and geospatial data create a snapshot in time that can be viewed and reviewed time and again without the need for costly shutdowns and reactive management.

Internally, all AERIUM RPAS pilots hold a current Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations from Transport Canada and also hold current Part 107 pilot certifications with the FAA.  All platforms are registered in both Canada and the United States. Independently, and also as part of joint regulatory initiatives, AERIUM works very closely on a regular basis with Transport Canada on both BVLOS testing and regulatory strategies, the Remote Traffic Management Action Team for developing operational methodologies for BVLOS operations in complex airspaces and works closely with NAV Canada, the FAA and the USDA including localized Flight Information Regions (FIR) and local police forces to ensure safe, compliant operations.

AERIUM is a leading member of Unmanned Systems Canada, along with memberships and participation at many of Canada’s leading RPAS and aviation communities and think-tanks. AERIUM is COR safety compliant and fully ensured to meet aviation industry standards.