Project Skysensus

About Project Skysensus

SkySensus is a R&D project under Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada’s Industrial and Technological Benefits policy, funded and led by Arcfield Canada for the research and development, and commercialization of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) technology in unmanned systems. The project objective is to develop advancements and innovation of unmanned systems operations, airworthiness standards and training. The project brings together Alberta-based small businesses; Canadian UAVs (Detect and Avoid Technology), AERIUM Analytics (Data Analytics and Automation), and Foremost UAS Range (Regulatory Compliance, Test and Evaluation).

Project SkySensus is a signal of growth in the unmanned aerial systems arena in Canada and the world. Western Canada has been a key player in strengthening Canada’s unmanned industry, with Alberta known to be an early adopter of UAS and there are now considered to be over 500 companies within the province that use UAS for commercial purposes.


Data Automation & Artificial Intelligence

AERIUM is creating next generation, real-time detection software for specific industries. Beginning with the detection of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) for airport safety, AERIUM has been performing R&D under project SkySensus to prove out this technology and create new technologies for the future.
AERIUM operates in highly regulated industries such as Airports and Energy. With these regulations comes the need for inspection and compliance. It is often difficult to manage all aspects of regulatory compliance in an ever-changing environment. AERIUM is utilizing computer vision and machine learning techniques, combined with high resolution imagery in order to ensure airfield compliance in the airport and military industries. Project SkySensus R&D is allowing AERIUM to combine and compile gigabytes of geo-spatial information and analyze this information into manageable reporting; in a fraction of the time of conventional methods.
From assessing data and security threats to performing strategic planning and coordinating military personnel with advancing UAV technology, AERIUM is a key link between the defense and commercial worlds. We are committed to enhancing operations and collaboration with our security partners.


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