Wildlife & Environmental Monitoring

The use of UAVs in wildlife control and environmental monitoring has a broad range of applications. Using the revolutionary Robird UAV, created by our partners Clear Flight Solutions, AERIUM is able to assist in the control of high risk or nuisance birds in areas such as airports, tailings ponds, waste management sites, wind energy projects and agriculture. The Robird is a highly effective wing flapping robotic falcon that plays on the bird’s own basic instinct of self-preservation. The Robird is designed to replace use of real life falcons for the purpose of bird control. The Robird is currently used at the Edmonton International Airport as a part of their wildlife management plan.

AERIUM and its partners have also developed tools and techniques to utilize thermography to aid in the detection, identification and counting of different species using UAVs. Large swaths of land can be inspected and analyzed in a short period of time, which gives high detail information for project planning and wildlife monitoring, while keeping people out of harm’s way.


  • Bird Deterrence & Perimeter Control
  • Nest & Den Identifications
  • Riparian Zone Delineation
  • Wildlife Tracking & Identification