AERIUM’s technologies support our clients in their day to day operations. From Aerial surveillance to geospatial measurement, AERIUM provides highly accurate in-depth data to allow for better decision making.

AERIUM is a national industry leader in RPAS related operations management; having developed trusted partnerships with Transport Canada, NAVCanada, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and numerous Flight Information Regions (FIR) throughout North America. Whether creating Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOC) for BVLOS testing capabilities, submitting NAV authorizations, or leading the logistics for Remote Traffic Management(RTM) strategies – AERIUM has a wealth of knowledge and experience to manage airborne operations. 

Project planning and support.

AERIUM’s geospatial tools provide aerial reconnaissance, topographical and thermographic information for the safe and effective planning of both green field and brown field projects. The use of imagery and digital twins assist project managers and engineers by providing more detailed and accurate data than traditional survey and aerial data collection methods.

AERIUM’s proprietary SOLE Management System® again provides the backbone for transparent, safe and executable project scope and support – both in the field and in the office. Utilizing a trusted and documented workflow methodology, in addition to calling on trusted 3rd party consulting expertise when necessary, AERIUM has the experience and industry partners to ensure all details are attended to and supported.

Complex environments & inspections

AERIUM has conducted RPAS over 2000 operations airside in some of the most complex airspaces in North America, including Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, Edmonton International, Calgary International and also 1000’s of flights in complex Northern Canadian mining operational airspace in addition to vast mountain range and remote boreal forest operations utilizing LiDAR, thermal and multispectral sensors for mapping and inspections.

Some of these types of projects include wetlands identification, assessment and modelling. Airfield surface assessments, tailings topographical surveys and Airport Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) assessments.