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Energy clients include those in Oil and Gas, as well as green technologies such as solar farms and wind turbines. AERIUM can also perform asset inspections for transmission stations and power lines.


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Prior to clearing trees or breaking ground, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are able to generate high resolution high accuracy 3D models and aerial overviews used to establish pre-disturbance site conditions in support of a client Conservation & Reclamation Plan. Being able to prove that your pre and post-construction topography and profiles match will keep your project in compliance.

Being able to provide potential vendors with an Enhanced Bid Package including video fly-throughs, 2D3D models illustrating access, vegetation, slope and topographic information, as well as volume estimations will ensure that you are receiving the most accurate and competitive bids available.

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Data collected from an initial scan can also be used to inform Engineers and Fabrication professionals with timely information used to inform engineering and design, conduct Pipeline Route Stress Analysis & Bend studies, position and design compressor stations, risers and vehicle crossing locations as well as support trenching and excavation activities.

Additionally, routine monitoring can ensure compliance with your Conservation & Reclamation Plan can be supported. By using UAV’s to verify wall grades check slope stability of stockpiled material concurrently without having to interfere or stop other critical project tasks. 



Before placing the pipe in the ground, using UAV’s to quickly and accurately verify that the constructed pipeline matches the trench profile can inform backfill requirements, helping to avoid issues related to hanging pipe and environmental controls.

AERIUM is capable of providing onsite, real-time processing and delivery of survey grade profiles within a couple hours of scanning. The impacts of This immediate access to information has considerable impacts on project execution, timing and quality control. All of which have cost implications, helping to keep our clients on time and on budget.


After backfilling the trench, it is important to verify and report that post-construction topography and environmental conditions are in alignment with C&R Plan compliance requirements. Being able to prove that erosion control, prior to vegetation re-establishment is being achieved and that regrowth is being monitoring will ensure a successful project from start to finish.




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