Smart Wildlife Management

The only UAS solution provider with extensive experience in drone work at airports and aerodromes in North America. We offer services that are crucial to improving airport operations.

Remote Sensing & Data Capture

With over 30 years of experience in the energy sector, we can help your business take advantage of UAVs to acquire accurate data to provide cost-effective, and safety conscious solutions.

Geospatial Intelligence & Analysis

AERIUM wants to help you realize the power of data. Utilize UAVs to collect data and perform data analytics so you can have the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

What we Do

About Our Services

As a solution-oriented company, AERIUM Analytics is a Canadian UAV service provider with their sights set on the future. Through the integrated service model, unparalleled operational experience in complex environments and use of geospatial intelligence, AERIUM Analytics offers peace of mind to businesses when it comes to meeting compliance regulations.




Our sectors

UAV Flight & Analytics Sectors

UAV in the Airports Sector

At AERIUM Analytics, we provide creative and innovative solutions for your wildlife problems. We combine a flapping wing ornithopter, green laser technology, acoustics, and other means to create a comprehensive wildlife management system. Our proactive solutions create a long-term behavioural change without causing harm.

UAV in the Energy Sector

There are many economic and environmental benefits for routine inspections of buildings and large facilities for the purposes of continued operations and safety, however this work can be time consuming and dangerous. The use of unmanned aircraft for the purpose of infrastructure inspection creates a semi-autonomous process that is cost effective and efficient.

UAV in the Forestry Sector

The use of UAVs to collect numerous data points allows for more detail to be provided for projects in a faster timeline. Often the data collected and provided helps answer questions beyond what was originally requested due to numerous collection types being conducted at the same time.

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